Economics & Policy

Economics & Policy

La Década Perdida: The Lost Decade

In our interest in the economics of the so-called “first world countries,” we, most often than not, forget about several countries who we think are

Business & Finance

The Big Picture Behind FDI Norms

After assuming power in 2014, PM Narendra Modi travelled to Silicon Valley, urging foreign companies to invest in India and boost foreign direct investment (FDI).

Economics & Policy

Millennials and Markets

The close link between demographic and economic trends is undeniable. As baby boomers make way for the new generation, the economy is stepping into a

Economics & Policy

A CAAT and Mouse Game

Ever thought how the United States is able to impose or threatens to impose so many sanctions on countries all around the globe? Well, the

Economics & Policy

The Subtle Art of Political Manipulation

One of the very first things you will learn in an Econ-101 class is that consumers are rational beings. However, this overly simplified outlook often


Explained: Nudge Theory

How many times have you actually bothered to untick the option of adding insurance to your air tickets while booking your flight? And how many