The Shri Ram Paper Competition is of the oldest events that our society has been conducting. It seeks to serve as a forum for academic work and encourages enthusiastic individuals and provides an appropriate platform for their work to receive recognition. The competition has seen participation from over a 100 undergraduate students each year from not only Delhi University and the colleges that come under it but several others like Delhi School of Economics, JNU, Ashoka University, Christ University, and Calcutta University. The college itself boasts of over 3000 students coming from a diverse culture thereby making each paper a reflection of their inherent ideals and philosophies.
The event shall take place in two stages.
• Preliminary Screening: The first round shall be a screening of the research papers based on a particular topic.
• Final Round: The paper presenters shall be required to present their paper in front of the selected panel of judges and give a detailed account, and would be requested to clarify any other queries which the judge might have had with regard to their paper.