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Applications are invited from second-year students of B.A. (Hons.) Economics andB.Com. (Hons.) towards the Inaugural Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati Research Scholarship.

Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati’s Research Scholarship was instituted in the College to fosterthe spirit of research among the student body by incentivizing and motivating themto invest time and effort into the quality-driven pursuit of knowledge. Details of theScholarships are available in the Annexure and also in Section 4 of the Handbook ofInformation for Academic Year 2023-24.Interested students must apply through the below link.

Link –
Refer to the annexure for the deadline of the same


Guidelines of Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati Research Scholarship

Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati Research Scholarship


All Second-Year Undergraduate students of Shri Ram College of College, University of Delhi.

Amount of Award

Two scholarships shall be awarded to the team(s)/individual student.

The maximum amount of each scholarship will be Rs.25,000/- subject to the condition that sufficient amount of interest has been earned on the Endowment Fund to disburse a total amount of Rs.50,000/- on two scholarships.


(i)  Students have to register for the opportunity and specify a theme of research (within economics, commerce & policy) that they will be working on.

(ii) Registered candidates shall make a mid-term submission of their research to enable tracking of progress, followed by a final submission.

(iii) The final step shall be the submission of a Research Report, followed by a Personal Interview conducted by a panel of faculty members, focused on the theme of the research to gauge the true depth of their understanding.

Selection Committee

The selection of the recipients for the award will be done by a Committee comprising:

(i) TIC, Economics Department

(ii) TIC, Commerce Department

(iii) Faculty Advisor, Economics Society

(iv) Senior-most teacher of the Economics Department (v) Senior-most teacher of the Commerce Department

(vi) Co-opted member(s), if any

Submission Guidelines

Research Submissions must consist of:

(i) Background and Research Objective

(ii) Review of Literature

(iii) Methodology and Data Sources

(iv) Findings

(v) Conclusion & Policy Recommendations

Attendance Criteria

Applicants shall be deemed eligible only if, as of the specified date, they possess a minimum of 75% attendance.


The threshold for acceptable plagiarism shall not exceed 15%.


Research report topic submission – 13th December 2023

Approval of the topic – 15th December 2023

Submission of the first draft – 30th January  2024

Submission of the final draft – 30th February 2024

The selected candidates/teams whose research report is selected will be intimated regarding the interview process.


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