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Artha is SRCC’s Annual Economics Journal. A culmination of research, opinion and ideas, Artha serves as a testament to the legacy of our society.

Ceteris Paribus

Ceteris Paribus is an online hub of diverse, thought-provoking articles spanning a wide spectrum of subjects catering to the interests of anyone in academia.


The Economics Society's podcast series, Decoded, endeavours to expand the scope of policy discourse by fostering the exchange of diverse perspectives and ideas.

Uncoined, previously identified as Decoded, seeks to enrich the field of Economics by integrating disciplines such as History, Geopolitics, and Political Science, generating captivating clusters of viewpoints and insights.

Research Handbook

With an aim to completely eliminate any negative and false notions regarding research, we bring up our own research handbook as a stepping stone for the first-time researchers

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