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Decoded, the Economics Society's Podcast Series, is an initiative geared towards broadening the horizons of discussions on policy issues and facilitating the exchange of opinions and ideas amongst the youth.

This season of Decoded focuses on insightful and engaging conversations with policymakers and how they can tangibly impact the economy of our country. Delve in as we interview some of the greatest luminaries in the field of policy-making from Viral Shah to Amiya Bagchi!

In this season of Decoded, we have students of the Economics Society, examining the economy and its amalgamation with nuances of behaviour, to the norms and policies that make us!

In this season of Decoded our main theme is discovering the latest trends in the economy ranging from the Global Pandemic to Cryptocurrencies. Dive in as we interview experts and hear out their insights!

The classic In-house series of the Economics Society, SRCC is back but this time with a twist! In this series, we discover the basic economic concepts and how they impact the current economy!

A Banking Pandemic? Devastation due to climate change? Is Sudan Burning? India is stuck between Pakistan and China? Is Sports now part of Geopolitics? Tune in as we unravel these crises and their economic impacts in the Final Season of Decoded!

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