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The Economics Society
Shri Ram College Of Commerce
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Delve Into Discoveries. Explore our hub of intellectual exploration, where groundbreaking research meets insightful analysis. From pioneering studies to thought-provoking insights, our research page offers a glimpse into the forefront of academic inquiry.

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Data Lab

Unveiling Insights, Empowering Decisions. Explore our Data Lab page, your gateway to deciphering the stories within the numbers. From trend analysis to predictive modeling, delve into a realm of data-driven exploration that informs strategic decision-making.

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Publications And Podcasts

A Fusion of Insight and Engagement. Delve into our curated collection of publications and podcasts, where knowledge meets accessibility. From in-depth research reports to engaging discussions, explore a diverse range of content that informs, inspires, and entertains.

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The Economics Society, SRCC
One Society.Infinite Possibilities.

The Economics Society, SRCC is a student-run initiative intertwined with the core principle of academic research enshrined within the institution.

In its pursuit of knowledge, the Society spearheads diverse initiatives, from primary data projects and academic journals to comprehensive policy and research reports, intricate data analysis, and interactions with luminaries and organizations.

As one of the oldest societies of Shri Ram College of Commerce, we proudly carry the torch of our rich legacy towards a future of infinite possibilities.

Our Vision

Immersed in the ethos of economic exploration, The Economics Society, SRCC strives as a beacon of excellence while upholding principles of academic integrity and intellectual discourse. With a legacy steeped in meticulous research, we strive to redefine economic narratives through our commitment to pioneering analyses and scholarly pursuits.

Our vision extends beyond academia, seeking to shape societal understanding and policy implementation. Rooted in the values of precision, integrity, and knowledge dissemination, our vision is to create a legacy that resonates with the transformative power of economic insight.

Our Work

The Economics Society, SRCC engages in multifaceted initiatives involving meticulous research and insightful data analysis, reflecting its dedication to academic excellence. Through Project Jaankari, we delve into the core of government policies, presenting comprehensive reports with actionable recommendations. Our acclaimed Healthcare Infrastructure Index, flagship Economics journal Artha, and dynamic blog Ceteris Paribus underscore our commitment to advancing economic discourse. From organising Asia's largest Economics summit to conducting the National Economics Olympiad, our work spans a spectrum of impactful events that shape the intellectual landscape.

Our Partners

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Connect, Collaborate, Communicate: Reach out to us and be a part of the dialogue. Your thoughts matter, and together, we shape the conversation.

Shri Ram College Of Commerce, Maurice Nagar, New Delhi - 110007


Phone: (+91) 628-9369-919

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