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Shri Ram Economics Summit

“Asia’s Largest Undergraduate Economics Summit” From hosting exceptional speakers to organising numerous competitions, SRES drives curiosity, knowledge and discourse in the field of economics.

Shri Ram Research Festival

The Economics Society, SRCC is proud to present the Shri Ram Research Festival, a research symposium instituted with the aim of adhering to and amplifying a drive for unique, authentic research. In the previous editions, we witnessed participation from more than 1700+ students in multiple events and had the privilege of hosting various renowned members of academia including Dr Pulapre Balakrishnan, Dr Ashoka Lahiri and Ms Yamini Aiyar.

National Economics Olympiad

An opportunity for young minds to find the ‘Economist’ in themselves. At the heart of The Economics Society's spirit is an unending zeal to encourage thought. The National Economics Olympiad is an initiative to break the monotony of an unquestioning curricular regime among school students and harness the true potential of the discipline of Economics.

Writing Mentorship Programme

The Writing Mentorship Programme is an initiative of the Economics Society, SRCC which is a one-of-a-kind and an exclusive opportunity for the students of classes XI-XII.

This two-week programme is curated with invaluable resources to offer personalised guidance, sharpen the participants’ writing skills and enable them to express their opinions confidently.


Discourse: An Archive of Ideas is our lecture series where we regularly host members of the academia, providing a platform for discussion on issues of general interest.

Chai pe Charcha

With the idea of ‘Chai Ek, Vichar Anek’, Chai Pe Charcha is an in-house initiative of the Economics Society to catalyse inspiring and meaningful conversations and discussions on world happenings.

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