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Discourse: An Archive of Ideas

Discourse: An Archive of Ideas is a dynamic lecture series curated by The Economics Society, SRCC. We provide an intellectual platform where academia converges with real-world issues, fostering discussions over general interest. Discourse offers an incredible opportunity to engage with influential voices as we host luminaries from the fields of policymaking, academia, business, and politics.

Recent Discourse Sessions

Dr. Harsh V Pant: Exploring the “China-Taiwan Conflict and Organised Crime”.
Ms. Neelashi Shukla: Delved into "The Economics of Millennial Self Assertion."
Mr. Azhar Iqubal: Shared insights on the “Indian Startup Ecosystem”.
Mr. Shishir Prasad: Explored the “Evolution of The Global Economic Landscape."

Through Discourse, we offer a space for thought-provoking discussions, where perspectives converge and knowledge unfolds. Delving into the heart of policymaking, business dynamics, and global economic shifts, Discourse encourages intellectual exchange on pressing issues through expert insights for shaping a collective understanding of the world we live in.

Session Links

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