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Research Reports

Amidst a rapidly changing world order, an inquiry into the China-Taiwan conflict becomes extremely crucial, considering China's rapidly escalating influence across the world. While the Taiwanese people struggle for sovereignty, their deep-rooted ties to China stand as an impediment to their dream. Our research report explores this issue, providing a multitude of insights.

Research Papers

As time has progressed, the capabilities of terrorists and criminals have advanced with the refinements in technologies, which has proved to further exacerbate the difficulties in pinning down sources of funding for their organizations. Through this brief, we aim to understand this nexus, examine its extent, and also propose the adoption of a framework to combat illicit financial transactions being routed through the traditional banking system, through the adoption of upcoming technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Policy Reports

Navigate the complexities of contemporary issues through our in-depth analyses. Explore comprehensive policy reports that not only dissect critical challenges but also propose actionable solutions. Engage with thought-provoking content that bridges theory and application, guiding the discourse toward informed decision-making and positive societal impact.

Policy Briefs

Unveil concise yet powerful insights. Navigate through impactful analyses and recommendations that bridge the gap between theory and action. Our policy briefs distill complex issues, offering a roadmap for informed decision-making and a deeper understanding of key socio-economic challenges.

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