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Shri Ram Economics Summit

“Asia’s Largest Undergraduate Economics Summit”
From hosting exceptional speakers to organising numerous competitions, SRES drives curiosity, knowledge and discourse in the field of economics.



Shri Ram Case Conundrum

Shri Ram Case Conundrum is a one-of-its-kind learning experience. It provides a platform for individuals to analyse and scrutinise case studies in order to provide effective, well-thought-out solutions to both general and specific problems. The latest edition of this event received 2500+ registrations.

Shri Ram Macromania

Shri Ram MacroMania is a marathon of challenges, where your critical thinking, quantitative intuition and policy prowess take centre stage. Macromania is an opportunity to unleash your economic acumen as you develop solutions to real-world dilemmas to master the macro-game. The latest edition of this event received 1700+ registrations.

Shri Ram Vyapar

From market research to competitor analysis, supply chain management to investment portfolios, Shri Ram Vyapar puts all your business skills to the test. This can be your first step into the world of trade and commerce. The latest edition of this event received 1800+ registrations.

Shri Ram Economie De La Ville

Shri Ram Economie De La Ville makes you experience the power that allows you to master your mind and define your rationale. The event is designed to make you rack your brains to navigate tasks, allocate and negotiate. The latest edition of this event received 2400+ registrations.

Shri Ram Conquonomics

Shri Ram Conquonomics, is the only policy-making competition in the Shri Ram Economics Summit, garnering over 1900 registrations in the latest edition. It allows one to dive deep into research, analyse policies, and present innovative solutions to promote economic growth and address societal challenges.

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