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Project Jaankari

Project Jaankari is our flagship project with its roots in primary data and research. The project’s main aspects include data collection through on-ground surveys. This data is then analysed using relevant tools to come up with policy suggestions based on the results.


Health Infrastructure is one of the basic pillars needed to sustain a country. This index measures the conditions of basic healthcare facilities in various states keeping the performance of other states in perspective, with the potential and vision to help the states become better performers.

Data Reports

Unveil concise yet powerful insights. Navigate through impactful analyses and recommendations that bridge the gap between theory and action. Our policy briefs distill complex issues, offering a roadmap for informed decision-making and a deeper understanding of key socio-economic challenges.

Data Dashboard

Empowering Insights at Your Fingertips. Uncover the story behind the numbers with our interactive Data Dashboard. A visual journey through trends, patterns, and analyses, providing a dynamic perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of data. Navigate data-driven decision-making with clarity and precision.

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